student orientation

welcome to orientation 2020. orientation is an essential and exciting program that introduces incoming students to all aspects of campus life, and prepares returning students for another year at union. it will be an opportunity to meet with administrators, faculty and fellow students to ease your transition to union theological seminary.

this year the theme of orientation will be love holds in a community, we will be exploring the ways we can best suppler each other and start off the year on the right foot. this year’s theme reminds us that no matter our distance during this pandemic, there is something that is still holding us all together. for a full schedule of orientation, click here.

“during covid-19, we are distanced and scattered across the world, which makes this task toward justice in our community difficult. in spite of our distance, and as we see and experience crises exacerbated all around us, we know that there is something that is holding us together across the world during this time. each of us likely has our name for whatever this phenomenon is, whether it is a divine presence or a simple reminder, but during orientation, we are calling it love.” -2020 orientation ambassadors


all official correspondence related to orientation will be emailed exclusively to union email addresses. official new student information and necessary forms are shared below via the action times for incoming and returning students and on myunion, our internal website. you will find a link to myunion at the top of the union website, near the search bar.

to access myunion, you will need to use your uni (university network id) which is also your union email username. please memorize your uni. you will need to enter it on many of the forms and documents you submit to union. if you have questions about your uni or union email address, please contact our helpdesk at please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.

please visit the action times for incoming and returning students (see below). when completing your action items, please provide consistent information in all forms, particularly when sharing your legal name. the relevant data/demographic information collected in your orientation paperwork will be shared with administrative offices at union for educational purposes. 

student action items

new student action items

in preparation for your arrival and time at union, there are several forms that you will need to complete prior to your arrival!

action items

returning students action items

each year, returning students have several forms that they need to complete to ensure that union has the most up-to-date and accurate information.

action items

information for international students

international students are also required to complete the action items for new or returning students as well as obtain the required legal documents to study at union. please review the international students page to learn more about that process.

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orientation dates

wednesday, september 1 to friday, september 4orientation (including advisement and course registration) - mandatory for all new students

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