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to order a transcript, please click here.

transcripts may only be picked up or mailed, and they cannot be overnighted or faxed. please allow enough time for your transcript request to be processed.

because of confidentiality issues, we cannot accept email requests for transcripts. we will not process requests unaccompanied by payment.

the burke library

union theological seminary alumni/ae have reading privileges without any fee. union theological seminary alumni/ae have borrowing privileges at a reduced rate. please click here for library hours.


atlaserials is an online collection major religion and theology journals selected by leading religion scholars and theologians. graduates of union theological seminary and episcopal divinity school have access to several e-resources, including the atlaserials, religion collection. through this platform, users can access the full text-only version of the atla religion database.

to use this resource, union alumni can visit alumni services on the columbia university libraries website, select atlaserials,  religion collection with atlaserials, and log in using your uni.

having trouble logging in? click here to activate your uni, or update your password.

have questions? please email the burke library at

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