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the academic catalog contains course-related policies and a listing of courses in an academic year.

the seminary reserves the right to cancel or modify policies and courses of instruction, change academic calendar dates, course instructors, and other details of the curriculum and academic programs. students are responsible for acquainting themselves fully with the seminary’s policies and procedures.

view the new 2020-2021 academic catalog here. 

  • to view bookmarks/navigation with google chrome, click the above link and the pdf should download in a new window, outside of the browser. the bookmarks may be on the left side as a list or accessible as an icon on the right side of a menu bar.
  • to view bookmarks/navigation with safari, right-click the above link and select download linked file, then open the downloaded file on your computer.
  • to view bookmarks/navigation with internet explorer, click the above and the pdf should open in a new tab, with the bookmarks on the left side as a list.

to view course schedules, click here.

course catalog archive

to view all courses offered at union theological seminary prior to 2020–21, click on links below:

course catalog 2019-2020 | course catalog 2018-19 | course catalog 2017-18course catalog 2016-2017 | course catalog 2015-2016 | course catalog 2014-2015 | course catalog 2013-2014 | course catalog 2012-2013 | course catalog 2011-2012 | course catalog 2010-2011 | course catalog 2009-2010

student handbook

view the below link(s) for information about health and wellness resources, community standards and safety and security.

student handbook
international student handbook

declare a concentration

ma students are advised to declare a concentration during their first year of study, and mdiv students during their second year. concentrations allow the student to intentionally enroll in focused courses.

please use this form to declare an m.div. concentration.

please use this form to declare an m.a. concentration. 

apply to graduate 

students intending to graduate must complete this application in order to have a diploma ordered. the application for graduation must be completed by march 1, 2020 for students expecting to graduate in may 2020.


course submissions

faculty, complete this form when adding a new course to the union curriculumif approved, the below form must also be submitted to be added as a semester offering.

faculty, complete this form, for existing courses, when submitting course offerings for an academic year.

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